Tuesday, 27 June 2017


It's exactly what's been weighing me down lately. I'm sure we all have that one thing that is bothering us - not feeling like we are enough for something - not talented enough, not brave enough, not beautiful enough, not funny enough.. 

When it comes to me, the feeling comes and goes. At times it's just normal to have your ups and downs come in the form of self-doubt. 

Over the years I have grown a thicker skin. I remember a time when I would take  e v e r y   l i t t l e   remark to heart so badly I would cry nearly every day. Today, most of the days I don't really care what others got to say about me. It's SO important for me to stay true to myself.

On the other hand, there are a few days I go back to my old self and can't help but put myself down over everything I do, the way I look, the way my posture is, the way my hair falls or the way I smile!

At the moment I am going through a period that's making me feel like I'm not feminine enough. I see girls wearing mini skirts and revealing tops on instagram, and people love it. And yet I have always hated showing skin just for the reason it makes me feel naked and uncomfortable. So why am I mentally pushing myself to feel bad about myself, something that is usually so natural to me?

Like I said, I just cannot help myself, it's a dark stripe. 

We are all different. I might have something that you wish for, and vice versa. We don't need to look the same, we don't need to dress all the same or like the same things. That would be unimaginably boring, trust me. Yet, we compare ourselves to the person next to us  a l l    t h e  t i m e! 

I'm waiting for this dark stripe to be taken over by a much lighter one. The one that makes me appreciate all the little things I can do. That little dimple that appears on rare occasions when I smile, or my green eyes that sometimes look blue. 

Appreciate yourselves and see you next time!


Top - Boohoo



With the holiday season approaching, and plans of going home to see my family, I was terrified I won't actually have anything casual to wear when I'm away! Bare in mind, this was back in late May and with 'holiday season' I mean summery 20 C tops because that's the exact weather I'm greeted by when I land in Latvia.

Anyhow, my style has changes a lot and I was in need of some new jeans.

2 days later, I got an Asos, Boohoo, New Look and Missguided parcels on their way. This pair was an actual gem! Every girl in the world should have a super-cool and more-than-just-jeans kind of jean, don't you think?

If we're talking cool stuff - what do you think of my cute bag? 

I got it by mistake. Funny story actually - I ordered it online, fell in love with it when I got it but decided not to keep it just because I already own a gazzillion of bags and could not find the space for a new one. I put it bag in it's back under my table, forgot all about it and 3 weeks later it was too late to return it.

it's mine now forever and I'm not even mad. I love it.

Top - Primark
Jeans - Asos
Bag - Missguided
Shoes - Clarks
Sunglasses - Asos


Saturday, 17 June 2017


Ever since I found out about the massive tragedy that happened in London at the Glenfell Tower, I haven't really felt myself. It's such an awful thing and I feel for the whole community, even more so because I live close by. It has happened in my neighbourhood and that makes it so real!

My thoughts and prayers are with the ones affected. always.

It was my grandmas 80th Birthday and it felt like such an amazing little break from reality (I'll dedicate a separate post in the following days). The day was filled with love and fun, I feel blessed to have such a lovely family!

The walk back from her house was   a m a z i n g !!
Not only my mood was lifted and I had just spend a great day with the ones closest to my heart, on top of that the weather was spoiling us with the most beautiful evening - gentle warmth, sun that's setting behind the blooming trees, great company and love!

My mummy took some quick snaps of me by this gorgeous blooming tree, it's all so candid and real - one of my most favourite images taken of me.

All in all, the negativity in the world, having a break from work and being at home with my loved ones has made me appreciate all that I have. We cannot get too attached to our surroundings and people (something I still need to learn myself) but it is SO important to take a step back and take a notice of all that's given to you - don't take it for granted and enjoy every little moment.

Outfit details:
Top - Zara
Jeans - Boohoo
Bag - Missguided
Shoes - Zara


Tuesday, 13 June 2017


It's my second day home. HOME. That's such a broad term nowadays, for me especially, as I've been thinking around the subject of what is it that makes us feel at home? Such a deep subject, right.

I moved far away from home when I was 18, which at the time was all that I knew - the city and people that had showed me all that I had seen. My first ever experiences as a human being. For 18 years I had only been familiar with that one specific place, that one language, school, circle of friends and scenery. 

It's crazy to think that today I have so much more on my mind, and home that I knew back then isn't the same as it now. I say that whilst I'm laying down on the same sofa I laid on 10 years ago and somehow it feels different. Not in a bad way, not at all! I just know I've collected more experience and seen much more than I ever expected!

Today, when I think of home, there are a few places on my mind. 
It's a place I feel safe. It's a place where I'm with my loved ones. It's a place where I get to be me and where I truly get to be happy. It is no longer tied to a certain place, it's a state of peace and true freedom.

Where is your safe place, your home..?


Saturday, 27 May 2017


I truly cannot believe that summer has begun, or at least that's what it feels like here in London. The weather broadcast tells me to put those thick winter coats and jumpers far far away, and so I have.

I have made a promise to myself that this summer I will embrace my feminine side and show more skin. I have never been comfortable doing so. In my mind I have never found myself feminine enough, or fit enough, beautiful enough, mature enough.. but I have finally come to the stage in life where I actually cross out all the negativity and say YES to femininity. 

I still feel the most comfortable wearing trousers, but who said pants can't have the right details to make you feel ladylike? 

I found this pair on Boohoo and I thought why not! It's got a satin feel and has this cool slit that goes all along the leg. The moment the wind blows down your leg, it gives you this badass feeling as the slit opens and exposes quite a bit of your leg! 

On the top I wore this cute Missguided bardot blouse that went so well with the colour of the lining of the trousers. Match made in heaven! It's such a cute colour, the ruffle detailing is just so gorgeous and all in all gives you all the best vibes an outfit needs. I can't tell you enough how much I love it.

So guys, I will try my best to keep the promise of embracing my femininity all through the summer and beyond. I hope you join me on this journey of bettering myself and I will see you soon!

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Saturday, 6 May 2017


"I hate yellow" - that is what I usually say when asked how I feel about that sunny colour. 
I don't exactly know why, I guess I just don't think it really suits me at all. That's the reason I was not entirely happy about this new seasons hot trend - yellow. Not that any of us need to blindly follow any specific trends, but it would quietly annoy me to see a cute top I would normally love to get in that not-so-favourite colour of mine. 
ugh, right?


I came to realise it's not all the yellows I dislike. I actually love super bright yellows and mustard tones..still, not so much ON me as perhaps having it as an accessory! 

There are brilliant ways to bring a little sunshine in your wardrobe without running after that super-famous Yellow dress we see in magazines. It doesn't need to be dominating your look, it can simply be a small detail that not only adds a bit of that little something to the outfit, but also pulls the look together!

I came about this little handbag a few weeks ago on a walk around Notting Hill. It was one of those tiny eclectic shops for tourists and they were having a sale (that clearly worked on me). I noticed these Chloe look-a-likes in all kinds of colours starting from nudes all the way to navy blue, but for some reason I fell in love with the yellow one! 

Its compact shape, golden details and minimalism screamed "TAKE ME" from across the room! I must admit, I'm a sucker for bags (and shoes). It really is that perfect little addition to the look, no matter how dull your outfit might be, the yellow kick of colour will definitely freshen up the palette. 

Clearly, I couldn't link the exact bag for you guys, but I did try to find a couple of similar ones here, here and here. I hope you find it useful, and I will see you next time! xx


Sunday, 30 April 2017


Sundays have always been my favourite days. Ever since I was little, that was the one day I got to spend with my loved ones, truly getting that relaxation my body's been craving.

Now I'm older, and as I am working for myself, I don't jump up in the air when Friday comes - I work whenever I need to and it often falls into the weekends as well. Only a few months back I made that decision not to work on Sundays and fully relax, recharge and enjoy being at home at least once a week. We all deserve that, right?

My Sundays start late. I'm not talking about 1pm but the first half of the day is often spent in bed watching tv or browsing the internet - whatever I feel like doing. I really enjoy that feeling of not having to rush out the bed. Every once in a while it's healthy to be a little lazy!

Then, I crawl in the the kitchen and have lunch. Yep, I skip the normal breakfast plans and no longer make porridge or boil an egg. I jump over that straight to the point. Where's the leftover pizza at?

I also love a great Sunday coffee.
Coffe for me is a weekend luxury. I find it often upsets my tummy so I avoid it during the week when its important to actually leave the house and be productive. On the weekends I'm not so fussed about it so I let myself have a cup..or two. And let me tell you, I do enjoy it so much more!

Another thing I've promised myself is to have one day a week when I don't wear ANY make up. I have been doing this for a while and it's absolutely great. I can hear my skin saying thank you after letting it be free for a whole 24 hours. I highly suggest it to anyone.

What I would like to do more on Sundays is go to my local church.
I'm a catholic and I remember going to the church every week with my mum and my best friend. We had an awesome priest that had a great thing going on back in the day, it made us all feel like we're a part of a true community. It was such a blessing..but he left and ever since then I haven't really been able to find that feeling again. Sounds quite sentimental, I know.
I have, however, found a lovely church just a few minute walk away from my house + they have an evening service .. I promise I will try harder and get myself out the house!

I can't stress enough how important it is to me to feel comfortable in and around bed, especially on my lazy Sundays. I'm wearing my personalised PJs from Dreamscoutured which I absolutely love! No joke, it fits me like a glove, has the pattern I picked myself and even has my name on it! If you fancy getting one, feel free to go on their website and browse away!

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